Sunday, 4 October 2015

SSC CGL 2015 Tier 2 Exam Date

SSC CGL 2015 Tier 2 Exam Date, this is one of the most important exams in India these days there are many those are getting especial coaching for SSC CGL even many Engineering college started providing coaching for students that's why they will get government job after competing the course see no doubt government job having one thing that is stability and which is most important in our life, because stability will help you to live better life.

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Okay, may be you are looking for-

Exam Date for SSC CGL Tier-2

Examination date for SSC CGL Tier 2 is 25th & 26th October 2015.

Here, I am going to share with you few amazing tips and tricks for you, those are basic but most important, see there are only few days left for this examination.

I hope you have putted lot of effort to crack this examinations, but the main important thing I mean you have to give your best performance here, if you want to get success then does not matter how many days remaining for you, you have to give more time forget about other things for this span of time and start thinking and solving more problems of SSC 2 tier exam questions.

If you are getting coaching for any coaching center then ask faculty members there to get best thing and best utilization of them you have to work hard and of course there are nothing secret in this world to get success.

Yes, only you are the one who is fully responsible for becoming successful or unsuccessful, remember this, I have seen people those are just keep telling about others, their mistakes such type of people can not grow in their life because they are not seeing them self, according to me we must see our self first, that's why people will listen to our words, because we did something our life.

I hope you got something from this small tutorial, so here are few tips and tricks for you-

  1. Work Smart way
  2. Solve questions more and more
  3. Ask for help
  4. Be positive and self motivated that you can do it
  5. Help others if you got time
  6. Revision as much as possible that's why you will not forget in the examinations

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rajasthan Post Office MTS Admit Card 2015- Download Here

Rajasthan Post Office MTS Admit Card 2015- Download Here, MTS stands for Multi Tasking Admit Card, here is the details guide for downloading admit card, well I know you are in little bit tension that what you should do for the examination, may be you are not prepare enough for the examinations.

So, here is the complete guide to download Rajasthan Post Office Admit Card 2015- Download Here-

Here are those steps to follow to download the admit card-

  • First go to the official website, may be you don't know the official website of downloading the admit card then here is that-
  • Just copy and paste the above website address on your browser then automatically you will be on the way to download the admit card.
  • Then you will see a page, which is really confusing until or un-less I will not show you the screen shot of it exactly what you are going to see-
Rajasthan Post Office MTS Admit Card 2015- Download Here
  • Now after getting the above webpage you need to do something extra that is filling required details and click on Login.
  • After log in to your account you can see the all details about yourself and you can download admit card from there.

If You Forgot Password for Rajasthan MTS Account-

Most of the time we usually forget password the reason is simple we do not use the account regularly that's why there are many those forget password, but you can overcome such problem.

Then you don't need to worry about it because recovery password is the damn simple thing, yes it is really too simple to recover password.

I know, may be you are not a tech guy, so probably you will problem to do so, so here I am to help you, that's why you will not face any problem to recovery password and then login to your account.

In this case here are few steps to follow-
  • Click on the forget password option, then you will see a new window there you need to fill the required form, well I know it is also possible that you have landed somewhere else, that's why I have also given below a screen shot of it-
Password recovery, forget password, Rajasthan MTS
  • Now you need to fill the required form and then you need to click on submit then you can easily able recovery your password and if you will repeat all above steps then you can easily download admit card from the website.

Tips and Tricks for Rajasthan MTS Examination-

Do you know why there are many people those are not able to crack competitive examinations because they don't know how to answer question in smart way, see in the competitive examination we need to see how we can save time to solve questions otherwise it is become tough to crack the exam.

If possible get coaching from a good coaching center and try to clear base, ask friends those are preparing for the exams and then have faith and work hard then definitely you will become successful.

Best of Luck.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Download UIIC Assistant Admit Card 2015 Here-

Download UIIC Assistant Admit Card 2015 Here-

Download UIIC Assistant Admit Card 2015 Here-
The full form of UIIC is United India Insurance Company Limited has released admit card 2015, that means you can download admit card quite easily from their official website, well one of my friend filled its form and he wanted to know about it. I mean how to download admit card of UIICL examination that's why I come forward to write this article in this blog.

Okay here I am going to share with you few tips and tricks that's why you can download it quite easily-
1. First of all go to the official website where UIICL has released its admit card here is the URL of this website-

2. After clicking on the above you will see a webpage as same as I have pasted above, which is a screenshot of it.

3. You can download admit in two ways- in Hindi and in English

Choose language for this admit card then go to the next step.

4. You need to have your registration number and Date of Birth, instead of date of birth you can also put password.

After filling the form you need to click on submit that's it.

Hope you got your admit card, if you need help then let me know.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

How to Prepare for SSC CGL LDC DEO Exam

Well, I hope you are searching for preparation guide for SSC LDC (Lower Division Clerk), DEO (Data Entry Operator), I know why you are reading this article "How to Prepare for SSC LDC DEO Exam", there is one simple reason you wanted to get in to government job earlier may be just after 12th, well then let me tell you frankly its not easy but not difficult even, you can qualify but you need to do hard and work as well as you need to do study in a group, well I am going to share with you few tips and tricks that's why you can easily quality LDC, DEO like exam easily.

See, if you will think its not possible for you then it will never be possible for you, you have to be positive and keep doing hard work, that's why you can gain real confidence nothing else, see knowing anything is not going to help you at all, if you will not utilize what you know?

So, in our life utilization of knowing things is most important for getting success in anything, but sometimes you need to wait for getting result, so here are few tips and tricks those will definitely help you to get success in SSC-

Syllabus for SSC 2015-

Most of time I saw students read syllabus, when I was student, I was also use to read syllabus to stay up to date with my on going topics as well as my pace in the preparation, if you will be close to syllabus then it becomes easier for cracking the exam, which is really true and I do believe also.

I hope you like my point.

But, don't read syllabus from your phone or tab, get hard copy of it, because it would be much comfortable for you.

Way of Study-

See, no matter how much time you are studying every day, if you are not getting insight the topic then probably you are doing a BIG mistakes while preparing for competitive examinations like SSC, so be prepare for knowing the best way to study.

And I believe you can only come to know how to study much better way?

If you will be honest while preparing, you must not feel any kind of pressure while preparing any topic, if you will do so I hope you can not get the real concept of the topic.

Advice from SSC Cracker-

One of my known, his name is Sachin.

Just couple of days ago, I came to know that he has cleared SSC CGL and he is going to get post in audit and most probably he is going to get defence sector.

Well, by education he is an Engineer, but he is happy with it and I asked couple of questions about his preparation about CGL, well I did not ask him about LDC and DEO because he did not quality this exam but yes he did qualify CGL.

And that's another reputed exam of our country "India".

He told me that there are about 13 lacs candidates write the exam and there were about 13,000 posts and one more but important thing he told me that there are about half of the candidates got coaching for preparation.

Now may be you are thinking about the competition level right, then let me tell you frankly don't be a dark, in actual my friend "Sachin" did not get any coaching but he qualified the exam and with in few days he is going to join the job.

I hold him best of luck and good bye.

Well, the thing I came to know from him, I must share with you.

Here- he told me few things need to do for clearing this exams-

  1. Basics is important
  2. Telling others what you know already?
  3. English, Aptitude play important role
  4. These two are really scoring if you are good in these
  5. Practice and that's it.

Easy Notes-

This is my personal experience, I have qualified couple of exams and that's why I am writing this article and I know it will help you.

If you will make your own easy to remember notes then it becomes easier for keeping all things together in your mind every time.

Analysis of Previous Years Papers-

Analysing previous years papers will help you to know about pattern, your preparation, required hard work and many other things you will come to know.

But, don't solve previous year questions putting solve papers in front of you, it will not help you that much.

Rather, try solve questions by yourself, yes you can get help from text book and in this process you will come to know many more things about the topic.

Be Your Own-

Be your own means know all tips and tricks but you need to have your own strategy to crack the exam, because it will help you much better way to quality the exam.

Do Real Study-

Don't need to show others that you are studying, I have a friend who is living with me from last six months, who usually do study but I don't think so he is studying from his heart I think totally show off nothing else, as right now I am writing this article and he is also listen to me what I am writing?

May be it will help him to do real study.

I am suggesting no need show others that you are studying, if you don't want to study then just get fresh and again come back and start studying with full of concentration.

One of the best way to do it is, just put a ear cap, it will help you to keep away from external noise disturbance, I hope you got it, just implement for few days and I know you will get good result from it.

Never Solve Solved Questions-

Many students do solve questions, when they have a question with solution.

Just like one of my friend do it usually and result


So, from this experience I will say you, solve questions only and don't solve question if you have answer of that question just in front of you.

Be Cool and Confident-

Cool and confident will help you to be in real and those live in reality they always win and they never feel sorrow for anything because they knew what happened because of himself or herself only.

At the last this is my favourite saying because I like it-

Learn- Think- Implement- Enjoy

Monday, 31 August 2015

IBPS Hindi Officer 2015 Download Call Letter

I hope you are aware about it that IBPS going to declare admit card of Hindi Officer which notification has been seen and there are many those filled its form, well the reason is simple IBPS is one of the reputed and useful source for getting job in Banking sector in India there lot of opportunity still there to get a government job very starting very good package.

Well I hope you know the full form of IBPS that is Institute of Banking Personnel Selection, here in this blog post I am going to share with you steps to download admit card from this website that's why any one can download it, here are those steps to follow-
1. First you have to go to the official website of IBPS just go to here-

You can easily copy this URL and paste it to your browser and then click on enter that's it just you need to wait for a moment, that moment may be small or little longer that is depending on internet speed you got.

2. After opening the website properly, then you will see couple of options there just you need to click on the fourth one because which is about your interest that means to download call letter.

3. Just make a click on that and your job almost done.

4. After clicking there you will see option as given below screen shot below-
IBPS Hindi Officer 2015 Download Call Letter

5. Here you have to filled only two required things out of three, just filled it and click on submit and your job almost done.

If you got still problem to download it then let me know.

Crack HTET 2015- 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for You

Crack HTET 2015- 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for You-
This is one of the amazing article for getting tips and tricks to crack the exam this is almost guaranteed from my side, yes at we have promised itself that we will provide best information regarding job that's why people will not be happy that they are not getting very good type of information.

So, in this blog post you are going through ten check points that's why you will have great concept regarding HTET and finally you can qualify the exam, so here are those ten tips and tricks to qualify the exam-
1) Go through syllabus right way
2) Ask some one who already qualify HTET and got job
3) Be prepare for doing hard work
4) Don't just try just give best to crack the exam
5) Stop wasting time rather work on getting concept from base
6) Solve previous year questions
7) Get coaching if possible
8) Do group study with friends
9) Revision is must to get things in your mind all the time
10) Make short notes for last time quick revision.

Well only reading these steps is not going to help you in depth you have to implement these tips and tricks then I am sure you are going to get lot of benefit from it and rest on you.

Today I came to know that because of postponed in HTET examination there are many those stop preparation and even there are many stop going coaching this is my personal experience, because of one of my friend spouse doing the same.

I am updating this incident here because I want the thing you must not repeat if you got time then give your best to perform your best in the examination.

Thanks for reading hope this will help

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Eastern Railway Recruitment 2015- Total 525 Vacancies

Eastern Railway Recruitment 2015 525 Vacancies, here is the opportunity for all Railway job hunter those wanted to get railway job, here I am going to share with you details idea about all information related to this recruitment but still you may have few questions then don't forget to ask me here-
Name of the post- Fitters, Machinists, Painters etc
Last date to apply is 28th of September 2015

How to apply for this job-
Well as you know in India getting job in railway sector is like just dream like come true so here I am going share with you details guide to fill the form.

If you want to apply for this post then go to near by railway station or book shop who have such forms then ask them about application form for this recruitment then I an pretty sure you are going to get one from there.

Don't Do Mistakes While Filling Form-
Most of the students did lot of mistakes while filling form, I don't want you will repeat it, just get time and filled the form right way.