Five Tips I Learnt From Dr S R Mediratta

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Dr S R Mediratta is one of the kind, intelligent, hard working and of course an IITian, who is having great knowledge in technical, managerial as well as in social, he is having very good controlling skills too, one thing I would like to share with you about him, he has started and make successful many institutes, he worked for SAIL India in R & D department, currently he is working as a Director General of Yamuna Group of Institutions, Yamunanagar.

Well, may be you are looking for those tips, those tips I have learnt from Dr S R Mediratta, actually I was his student and I become failure to college topper in engineering then I must say the first inspiration I got from him.

How to Write in the Examination-

It was my third semester of engineering, I did have necessary work that's why I went to him and he shows me paper written by my juniors, the best thing about them they are too good in writing and in engineering if you can write from yourself then you can get very good marks, because remembering things and writing in the examination is really tough job because less time and work is too much.

That's why I must say any engineer can become good writer, for example just see Chetan Bhagat.

Learning Anything Practically-

Learning anything practically, I have learnt from him, he taught us in the very first semester that is manufacturing process and he let us move to workshop for understanding things practically from the class, it was an amazing move for me.

Giving Priority to Class Than Other things-

It was fourth semester he taught us Material Science, one day when we did not see him in the class we thought he will not come but after 10 minutes he came and told us, why we did not tell him about the class, actually he was in the meeting but even than he told us classes are most important than any other things in an educational institute.

How to Do Planning in Business-

Without planning it becomes difficult to get things done right way, but there is also one concept which has been used by many industries that is Just in Time, Dr. S R Mediratta believes in planning he always told us how to write? how to study? when to study? like things that's why we will be prepare before the examinations.

How to Handle Problems-

Problems will definitely come in our life, so you must be aware about solving problems, I mean how to solve any kind of problems of your life, because if you can not solve your problems then how would be possible you can solve other problems, so I learnt from him. How to solve problems from basic to tougher one.

There is no limit for learning, it is on you, one of the best way to learn things that is from your mistakes because things we learn from mistakes, we never forget because it pinched us for that particular moment.

These things changed little bit of my life, because I have written e-books, I did get good marks and of course job, what do you think about these tips?

MTech Admission 2016 Through GATE

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GATE 2016 was the exam, which create history, there are about 1 Million students write GATE exam to Get admission in MTech as well as for Jobs in PSU's, okay the result has been declare long back, many IIT's even started admission process, IIT Gandhinagar closed admission through GATE, because they have already filled seats.

Well, NIT's, NIFFT, Some IITS and some other institute will start admission process through, you can get form from this website and start filling your form for the counselling, pretty much like JEE and earlier like AIEEE.

Well, here is the notification intimated by MNIT, Jaipur- because this year they are organizing counselling, here is the screen shot of the notice.
MTech Admission GATE 2015
Through CCMT you can get admission but you must have valid GATE score card- means you must qualify GATE.

Steps for CCMT Counselling Through GATE-

In 2016 MTech admission candidates have been increased than last year, but the exact numbers did not come, but it is after looking at the number of candidates write GATE Exam.

Well, let me tell you steps by steps idea for getting admission through CCMT-
  • First go to, well there are 33 institution has been participated in this counselling, you can easily find out this list on this website.
  • Next step is to Register Yourself there, this option you can easily find out, just see on the middle of the left side.
  • After clicking there you will have lots of information to read, first read then click on Agree.
  • Now you will see five steps there those are register, Pay, Personal Details, Fill Choices and then Verify and Lock.
  • Just go through these respective steps That's it.
Well, the answer of the big question, that is will GATE 2015 qualified would be eligible for CCMT counselling in this year, then the answer is yes!

MTech Admission Process in IIT'S Through GATE-

IIT's don't have any common counselling process, you have to apply separately, there you are face interview, after interview they will short list candidates.

There is definitely bright future you have after getting admission in IIT's, but after looking at the competition level it seems little difficult.

But not impossible, you must apply. Otherwise you have lot of option to make your future bright.

MTech in Other Colleges Through GATE-

Other than IIT's, NIT's, IIIT's, Few govt colleges, there are colleges those offer MTech like private colleges, private universities, deemed universities also.

But, it would be depend on your budget, if you have budget then you can apply for MTech in Deemed Universities, Deemed Universities are having good reputation as well as placement, many deemed universities even offer some scholarship.

Let me tell you an unique information about scholarship for pursuing MTech even IIT's provide scholarship 8000 like IIT Gandhinagar, but National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur Odisha- this institute is offering 13000 per month scholarship for GATE qualified candidate. But they are offering MTech in limited courses.

MTech in Any College With Scholarship-

If you are GATE qualified and did not get admission in good college may be IIT, NIT then let me know I will help you to get admission in college as well as you will get scholarship from AICTE.

Actually, there are many colleges offer this opportunity those are approved by AICTE, actually I did not know about it, I came to know about this from one of my friend who told me about this, because he is studying MTech and he is qualified GATE 2015 the funny thing is that he is not studying from any reputed college it is just a simple private engineering college in Haryana and he is getting scholarship.

I think that is good.

The reason is simple, he did not get admission in IIT's not even in NIT's but still he is upgrading education for getting better opportunity in future.

Is there anything would you like to know regarding MTech admission through GATE?

How to Study Long Time Practically Possible

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Study Long Time Practically Possible
There are millions of students those wanted to study long time, but they just could not, I know there are many reasons behind of this, well I am not going to tell you all reasons behind of it.

But, I am going to share with you simple tips for making it possible for you.

That is practice as well as a unique concept.

Increase Your Study Sitting Time Daily-

See, from day one you cannot just study for 10 hours a day with proper concentration, but yes if you follow my steps then probably it would be easier for you.

I don’t know how much time you study daily, but yes you need to increase study sitting time daily by 10 to 20 minutes.

I mean, if you will do so, then it would be easier for you to reach the target within 15 days, but here I want to make it super easy for you.

Now, set a target for increasing your study time by 20 minutes daily, after achieving the target you need to reward (There are many ways to reward yourself like- buy cloths, tell your heart very good, eat your favorite dishes, listen to songs, go to multiplex for watching movies) yourself daily, then it would be quite easier for you, more important it would be interesting for you.

You need to play with it, here I am going to share with you a problem of a School Teacher, I usually talk to people, but could not, he told me- I am talking to you because our vibration match, that's why?

I don't know what he found in me.

But, the saying he said to me, that is useful for you, he told me you can achieve anything in your life and of course I know I can, because I have one thing that is Sitting Power, means I can study long time.

So, here I have come with this new blog post, because any how if you can do it then your problem almost solve.

Active Superman Mode in You-

For understanding this, let me tell you a situation well, suppose someone tell you to run, you will run normal, I mean you will not put much effort, right.

Now, suppose that you have participated in competition then you will try to give your best performance to win the race right.

At the last the moment come "And You are going to love it"- Suppose that, there is a tiger behind you, then what will you do? I hope it would be your best performance.

If,  you don’t want to die.

And who wants to die? well that’s not the reason I have told you the situation, my suggestion you to “How would you give the third situation performance on first situation”.

If you will do so, then it would quite easier for you.

I mean you need to think this is the last chance for you to achieve and just don’t try to give best performance just give best performance.

Ujjwal Kumar Sen Guide to Study Long Time-
Yes, that’s me the person behind this blog,

Actually, I have gone from failure to topper of my college, only because of study time and I have used the first method to increase study time.

Well, because it works with me so, I hope it will work with you too, just give a try you will have it.

No matter, what is your current study time table? You can  change it according to you, but getting high level you need to keep increasing it.

Here, I would like to share with you one important thing that is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is only one.

That is the person "itself" if you will not willing to start and keep going then nobody can help, what I believe? As well as follow.

Follow these tips and tricks you will definitely feel difference within a week, which I can guarantee?

Is there anything can help you to study long time?

GATE Preparation Tips for 3rd Year Engineering Students

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Now a days students are getting advance, I mean students are started getting coaching for GATE from third year, that's the main reason of writing this blog post.

Actually one of my blog readers ask me question on Facebook, after reading my article- List of PSU's Going to Hire from GATE 2017 [coming]

I really thank to that GUY who asked me this question!, here is the screen shot of it-
GATE Preparation Tips, Engineering Students

Well, lets come to the point, GATE is now a days become an eligibility criteria for being a good Engineer.

So, for making use of this opportunity, you need to go through a proper steps for achieving your GOAL for GATE.

See, I don't know what you want? I mean you want to do higher studies or Job through GATE but for both you need to score well.

How to Get IIT's Through GATE -

Getting admission in IIT's become really a tough work, but possible if you will do preparation from 3rd year of Engineering.

But, here I am going to tell the SECRET for getting admission without putting much effort in interview, i.e. getting rank under 10.

YES, under 10!

One of the GUY Who Has Been Interviewed By Me- Who Got GATE AIR 8

After reading the interview you will come to know, the basic SECRET of getting good rank in GATE i.e. under 500 AIR.

How to Get JOB in PSU's Through GATE-

Again its all about rank!

Much better rank you will get, more interview call letters you will receive, that means more chances of getting job.

But, you must have great command on ENGLISH as well as Group discussion tactics, well after getting good rank in GATE, I will suggest you to get coaching from professional for Interview preparation, it would be great for you as well as your future.


The BIG problem with 3rd year students is they unable to utilize the time for GATE, they busy with their study schedule.

They think that, maintaining daily schedule is tough job, but in actual it is really easy, that's why I will suggest you don't waste time, for making a great project.

NO one is going to get your project, until or unless you have your own money to get your project in the reality.

Well, I am not saying don't make a great project, I am saying don't waste time.

But finally it is up to you!

Okay, I would like to share with you a study model for getting good scores in GATE-
  1. Set Target for a WEEK- Always set small target and then reward yourself after achieving the target, for a week you need to give at least two hours daily but with proper concentration.
  2. Clear Basic Concept- I talk to more than 50 GATE qualified candidates, some of them IES officers too, all of them said, you need to have clear basic concept to get good score in GATE.
  3. Find Friend Like You- I will not tell you to find out many friends rather I will tell you to find one and then start preparation together, but don't forget to attend your college classes, those are really needed.
  4. Start Solving Maths- Mathematics is the key for getting high score in GATE, I have a announcement for you, I will start math tutorial for GATE, but it would be depend on number of response, I will get from all of you.
  5. Solve Previous Year Question Paper- This is really big, if you are really curious about GATE then you need to solve at least last ten year questions paper, again I will not suggest you to solve question papers only, I will suggest you to clear all basic concepts to solve questions.
  6. Take Online Test- When you are online- Online Test series are just cool, but in 3rd year don't join any paid coaching, its simply wastage of money as well as making them rich, I will suggest you to use free online test series those are offered by NPTEL as well as Edooni.
  7. Revision Is MUST- Keep doing revision, there is only and only BIG mistake made by 3rd year Engineering students, after reading a subject they just forget to do revision that subject, please don't repeat this mistake, keep doing revision.
  8. Take challenge- Challenges always help people to find out their hidden talent as well as capabilities, here I will suggest you to take challenges to do hard work and then succeed.
  9. Make a Short Notes- For doing revision very fast you need to make your own short notes, those can help you to recall all formulas, concepts in a very short period of time, another thing I would like to share with you, make a short notes of confusing things and keep doing revision.
  10. GATE is EASY- You need to think like this, then one day you will really think from your heart it is really easy, but more important you need to put effort consistently for improving yourself consistently.
If you are still reading then I must say you have something (Patience, curious about GATE), because till now you have read more than 1000 words.

I will suggest you to stop wasting time on unnecessary activities like chatting for long hour, talking so long etc.

In that time start doing preparation!

I know! its really tough to follow these properly, but believe me if you will do so for month you will feel better and more important is- you will have much better life.

Is there anything you need for Preparing GATE.

All You Need to Know About Ph.D After B.Tech in India

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Ph.D After B.Tech in India

Ph.D (Philosophy of Doctor) is the highest degree, but you can go for post doctoral fellowship, well its too far from B.Tech, I hope you are here to know about Ph.D after B.Tech/BE in India, well in this blog post, I will share with you each and everything about this.

The basic reason behind this, there are thousand of good engineers are not getting good job just after B.Tech even from reputed institutes, so they have good option to start Ph.D directly.

Is it Possible to Start Ph.D Right After B.Tech-

In one word, I would say Yes.

May be you are thinking How?

Okay, right question dear, actually it was not even possible couple of years ago, but now a days it is really possible.

Okay here I am going to tell you, how, when it would be possible.

What You Need to Start Ph.D After B.Tech-

Okay, first of all I like to tell you few things before going to tell you, main answer for this headings.

Alright, buddy if you are thinking about Ph.D then don't expect for success in earlier, well later you will get lot of respect, money as well as many other things like security of job also.

But, here is the tough job for you, if you want to get in Ph.D right after B.Tech then start studying more depth but first clear your all basic concepts.

Because this is going to help you to clear interview as well as written examinations.

There are two most important things needed to get shortlisted for doing Ph.D program those are good academic record like at least 80% in B.Tech as well as GATE score at least more than 600 GATE score that means around 50 Marks, but that is depend on also cut off as well as quality of students write the examinations.

How Many Years You Need for Completing Ph.D-

In any degree time is important but if you are going for Ph.D right after B.Tech then you have invest at least your precious 5 years, but after completing Ph.D you are going to get healthy salary too.

List of Institutes Those Offer Ph.D After B.Tech-

There are many institutes offer Ph.D after B.Tech but almost all of them are govt colleges or deemed universities too.

So, here are few institutes-
IIT Jodhpur, IIT Mandi, IIT Bhubaneswar, IIT Gandhinagar and there are few other institutes also but you need to check their website for further information in between Feb to July every year.

Benefits of Doing Phd After BTech-

Of course there are many benefits of doing PhD after BTech but let me tell you few benefits-
  1. After completing you will be one of the prestigious person and you can add Dr. before your name
  2. You can get prestigious position in the organization
  3. Able to get higher salary
  4. Stability of job will be more
  5. You will have lot of opportunities to travel around the world.
I know Ph.D after B.Tech is more time taking, but later it will help you lot for better future, see it is the highest degree in the education world, now think about this, even you will get scholarship every month around 18,000 INR, even it will increase year by year.

You are going to get almost each and everything like money, respect and other things also, well I have already told you about this.

Is there anything else you would like to know about Ph.D after B.Tech

15 Things Indian Engineering Students Can Do On Vacation

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I have created this blog to help Indian Engineering students to have better career, to I came across many things, actually I was thinking to write new tips for Indian Engineering students, that's why today I am going to share with you few things every Engineering students can do on Vacations.

Well, most of the colleges in India offering Engineering on semester basis and all of them got vacations two times in a year.

Okay, with winter vacation it is difficult to do any great activity which would be beneficial for you, but in the summer vacation you can do lot of things especially on first year summer vacations, because you will get lot of time at least 30 days.

And I think 30 days lot of time for any Engineering students to achieve something amazing, so here I am going to share with you those things, you must do-
  1. Find Your Interest- At this stage I don't want to tell you, which you will follow, even what would be difficult to follow, because I know you want to be quite bit relax after examinations, but dear you need to think about your career, I mean what you are going to do after completing B.Tech because getting good jobs through Campus Placement is not easy now as it was, so you need to do little bit extra to make it easy, I mean you need to add something extra which will attract recruiters to pay attention on you.
  2. See Your Home Location- Location really matter, if you want to get any physical resource, yes if you want to get physical source means want to get coaching center, good market etc then you home should have a good location, well you can not change location of your home but of course you can choose your next step after looking at location, that's why you will not face any problem later.
  3. Your Capabilities- Everybody or anybody can not do everything or anything at the right time, for this you need to first know yourself best, like what you can do, see I am telling you these things that's why you have clear idea, what should be best for vacation, that's why I have added lot of ideas here with full length descriptive article.
  4. What You Want to Become- I want you will go anything which would not be helpful in future, that's why you must decide till now what you want to become in your life, you should not be double mined, otherwise I know you will face problem.
  5. Work On Any Small Project (Study or Working)- Small project always help you to push forward for completing a big project, it will help you to know many more new things about many topics, you will be aware about time as well.
  6. Learn Any Software- See, I don't know which engineering branch you got, but I will suggest you to learn software. If you got admission in Mechanical, Civil or any other related branch then must start learning AutoCAD, at least basics.
  7. Start Study for Your Next Semester- Well, I am not telling you to start hard working I mean just go behind study only, I am telling you to give time for the next semester, at least you need to be aware about your next semester subjects, that's why you will be known at least something new.
  8. Sleep Early and Rise Early in the Morning- I know all most all Engineering students study or do any other things till late night, but I will suggest you at least on vacation go to sleep by 10 PM and wake up 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM, it would be very good for your health
  9. Help Your Younger's- Help others, always. I really gets happy after helping others, See it will help you to recall something as well as you will have a skills to make people understand about anything. This is really require is professional field.
  10. Talk to Parents, Elders, Experts for Bright Career OpportunitiesMany struggles even after completing B.Tech (There are millions in this list), but you don't have to, because I am telling you to consult with others for career opportunities after completing Engineering.
  11. Play in Evening- Playing something will help you to refresh yourself also it will help you to have good health, but don't give too much time or try to be best, if your goal other than sports
  12. Start Studying General Knowledge- This is sector, in which I always bother about, but not now, I am telling you the truth, if you want to get govt jobs than with out general knowledge like impossible, so start getting general knowledge. See it is not a one year job, it will take time but later it will help you lot.
  13. Improve English As Much You Can- English is the key for cracking interview in almost each and every field and one best thing I believe anybody and everybody can have good English, because I did it, few tips and tricks I would to share with you here for improving your English, first learn basics (Tense, Gender, Vowels etc), then start writing your own story, start thinking each and everything in English when you are free like (before sleep, while travelling etc), watch English movies but using head phone to understand properly.
  14. Don't Waste Much Time on Watching TV Show's- These many TV shows are becoming famous  only because of us, see what happen you are wasting our precious time to make them famous, see you can also become famous if you will give time to yourself.
  15. Buy Laptop, if Affordable but Utilize Positively- Laptop can help you in many ways like for learning any software for browsing internet for knowing any new things, but don't waste much time on social networks unnecessarily.
I know, you wanted to enjoy your life, even I think everybody wanted to enjoy their life, but for this you have make your own foundation strong to keep enjoying.

For this you need to be aware about your career, because these activities are going to help you to have a good opportunities.

What Other Things You Want to Do on Vacation?

Difference Between BE and B.Tech- In Terms of Career Opportunities

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In come across many websites, and found that many students confused about the difference between B.Tech and B.E more important how this is going to effect their career opportunities, even I have confused about this, when I was about to get admission in Engineering.

Well, in that time I did not have much idea about this, but today right now I am sitting on the top floor of my home, have been thinking about what to write in my blog and some of my village friends come to me, because he wants to get admission in Engineering in the next year.

Question he asked to me the same, exactly I have putted title of this blog post, okay its time to tell the difference between these two courses.

Difference Between B.Tech and B.E-

If, I will answer this question in single word then it is NO!

There is no difference between these two courses, because when you have seen any recruitment notification there is written B.Tech/B.E

That means there is no difference between these courses.

Which One is Better BE or B.Tech-

After getting the answers may be you are thinking about this.

There is no difference then this is also meaning both are same in all field jobs as well as higher studies.

Career Opportunities After BE/B.Tech-

Here, I am discussing this because I got something important from experts his name is Pallav Pradhan, an IITian (Bombay).

When I went to Ranchi (Jharkhand) for attending marriage party I have met him there, personally I know him but I did not meed him face to face.

That's why I did not want to let it go this opportunity!

So, Finally I got time out there and ask him about career opportunities, well I have asked him for me, but later I realize that there are many like me need to know this guidance.

Actually, I have discussed with him about an hour, here are few important things I am going to share with you-
  • Job Opportunities
    • Teaching- He told me that if you want to do teaching then go for higher studies
    • Corporate- well very good opportunities but little less security when economy gets down
  • Higher Studies
    • MBA- Good option if you as well as your background allow.
    • M.Tech/Ph.D- One of the best option but there is draw back I am going discuss in details about this.
    • Others- You can also go for other study its your life and your choice.
Okay let me tell you more about M.Tech/Ph.D-
The reason is simple, most of the discussion with him about MTech then Ph.D or directly go for M.Tech, see if you want to have secure future then this is the best option and you will have opportunity to get top position in the industry at least you will have option teaching in India.

Well, let me tell you there are about 4000 institute offers B.Tech then think about how much faculty require and I don't think so there are very good faculty out there, well you will come to know about this when you will start attending classes.

Well, if you will go for Ph.D then it would be best option for you, but it will take time to get fruit, actually Ph.D is much time taking at least 3 years.

But, dear may be you have not notice, if anything is taking time to do then definitely later it will be have worth.

See, M.Tech as well as Ph.D both are research oriented remember this, you can not expect result quickly after even hard work.

I hope you got some ideas from my points.

Technically there is no difference between BE and B.Tech- because when it comes to do higher studies as well as its value is same.

Is there anything you would like to know about Difference Between B.Tech and B.E