Thursday, 5 February 2015

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification- IB (Intelligence Bureau) has been notified that they are going to conduct examinations for 2014 notification for the post of ACIO as they have open vacancies.

Now, I hope you are looking for the exam date as well as admit card.

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date-

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date is 22nd of February 2015.

I hope you got message also about this notification on your mobile, if you have not checked then check it out you will find out the real information about it.

I hope they also notifies through e-mail, that's why every body those have applied for IB ACIO post can come to know about the exam.

Download IB ACIO 2014 Admit Card- 2015 Exam-

Here I am going to share with you steps for downloading admit card from the website-
  • Go to
  • Then Put registration number and password and then log in, after this you will see like this as I have given below the screen shot.
IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification
After clicking there you can see your admit card as well as you can see there exam center also.

Forgot Registration and Password "IB ACIO Admit Card"-

If you are forgot your registration number and may be password then I have full proof method to find out.

Here, is the step to follow, first go to your e-mail account which account you used to filled the application form, then just search there "MHA", then you can easily find out there your registration number and password.

If you could not then what next?

Even then I have very good way for you to find out, here is that-
  • Click on forgot Registration No/ password
  • you will be move to another page
  • put there all necessary requirement then you can find out your registration number as well as password also, just write these down on your note book and go to the website again and download the admit card.
Thanks for reading, comment below? for more help.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 2014

SSC CGL Tier 2 Examination preparation guide is really important, well very soon SSC is going to announce result for CGL tier 1 2014, so there is rush hour going on students about SSC tier 1 result as well as what to do next for getting selected?

As may be you know about the examination patter, examination pattern will be objective type, but there would be questions from your own choose post, here is the exam patter given below-

Paper 1           100 Questions   2 Hours 200 Marks

Paper 2           100 Questions    2 Hours 200 Marks

Paper 3           100 Questions    2 Hours 200 Marks

Well, I hope you know about it previously.

Well, now the real tips and tricks I am going to tell you, which is really going to help you a lot for getting good marks in tier 2 examination.

I wish you want to clear the exam and want to give your best ever performance in the examinations then I am here to you help you further.

If you don't want to clear the exam then please don't read further.

Here are those tips and tricks, actually I have categorized into ten tips and tricks-

Need to Study Syllabus Properly-

Studying syllabus is important to get rid of the examination and yes you don't need to study beyond syllabus, because not needed.

Right now, your interested should be to clear the exam nothing else, put your own interest for studying your exam.

Understand the Exam Pattern-

See, studying blindly is not going to help you at all, so you need to understand the exam pattern and also you need to do analysis for previous year question paper.

This is going to help you to know, where to put more time and where to put less time.

Make Short Notes for Quick Revision-

Short notes are working like an arrow, you just need to make your own short notes, basically notes is for quick revision and to keep all things together each and every time on your mind.

Make a Separate Notes "Which You Usually Forget"-

Few things those we usually forget, if you want to get rid of it then you need to create separate notes that's why you can do revision quickly as well as very short span of time.

Which is going to help you not to repeat mistakes

Make a Proper Plan to Follow the Path-

Planning is important, that's why there are all business people do planning, but only planning and dreaming is not going to help you in real.

You need to go through as per your plan for getting benefits from it, otherwise it would be just wastage of time nothing else.

Study With Proper Concentration is Important-

See, showing others that you are studying is not going to help rather study with proper concentration for short span time, if you will start increasing your time then it would be easier for you to increase your sitting time for study within few weeks.

Do Group Study With Sincere Aspirants-

Few, topics are really important to discuss those are conceptual as well as understanding and also those topics are difficult to remember like dates, time as well as formulas. 

But, be careful while choosing group for study.

Solve More MCQ's After Clearing Basic Concepts-

Multiple Choice Questions create problems for many because this type of pattern is not like any university examinations.

You need to be habituate of solving multiple choice questions.

Solve Previous Year Questions-

Previous year papers are keys for many, I have very good effective idea for you to know your preparation.

When you feel that you have prepare well, in that time just make an environment like exam and then start solving questions then you will come to know about your ability to solve questions.

Talk to Person Who Already Qualify SSC CGL-

Talking to expert, is really play important role to succeed in life that's why all companies like as well as looking for experience person for that they also pay very good package.

If you are getting coaching from some where then you need to talk your teachers for tips and tricks which will help you as well as don't forget to ask them their story it will inspire you for study long time.

See, these tips and tricks are going to help you to improve your efficiency, but real study as well as strategies should be your's there is simple reason, this blog post has been reading by thousand so if all of them will do the same then it will become more competitive.

So, follow these tips and tricks but should be a real hard worker.

Is there anything you would like to know for preparing SSC CGL Tier 2 2014?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

RRB Junior Engineer Exam Date 2014

RRB (Railway Recruitment board) is going to arrange examinations very soon, that's why they have even open online admit card to download.

Well, in this year there are about 6000 vacancies so it is having a great opportunity for students to show their talent in the examinations.

RRB Junior Engineer Exam Date 2014-

The date of the examination is 14th December.

So, I hope you got your query but here I want to share with you something important those are common but useful for every competitive examination students.

Actually, I am going to share with you few useful tips and tricks those are very useful-
  1. Read your question very carefully.
  2. You must complete your syllabus as well as have strong base
  3. Be sure that you have carried all necessary
  4. Don't be a part of rush in the competitive exams
  5. Reach to the center before time
  6. Take about 7 hour sleep
  7. Be ready and be happy concept you must apply
I hope you got idea about your exam date, thanks for reading.

I would be great if you will leave your views through comment, thanks for reading.

Monday, 29 September 2014

ALP Tech 2014 Aptitude Question Paper Idea

ALP Tech 2014 is one of the big hope for many students those appear in the examinations in different different centers in India as well as in different different dates.

Actually, It is really impossible to share with you exactly what they ask in the past, because it was about two years ago one of my known went for aptitude test.

I came to know this from my friend and there are many ask me for idea about ALP Tech 2014 aptitude question.

ALP Tech 2014 Aptitude Question Paper

Well, you are going to get simple paper to solve, like it was earlier as my friend told me about this, but there is one problem.

That is time management.

If you can manage then you are going to win.

What You Should Prepare for ALP Aptitude Test

Well, I will not tell you to do much.

I will tell you to solve few basic aptitude question those are related to maths, simple English etc, those are just awesome for cracking the exam.

How to Start Solving ALP 2014 Aptitude Test

Well, you don't need to start with big flying spreading news, that you have qualified first stage, I will suggest you to be calm and starting doing preparation.

It would be better.

If you will buy a simple aptitude book and solve those questions, it will help you to solve question first in the examination.

Because, you will be habituate of this.

Rest on You-
I hope you got an idea for this.

I think it is going to help you and yes if you need any other help let me know through comments below.

Is there anything you need for ALP Tech aptitude Test 2014?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

SSC CGL 2014 Admit Card Download With Exam Date

Finally we got a notification from SSC about the CGK examinations date, that's why I am writing this blog post to let you clear about your exam as well as about your admit card, I will share with you how you can download your admit card as well as I will share with you CGL 2014 exam date.

Well, it was like the same it will start in phase, according to the notifications you can write the examinations in the month of October 2014- on 19th and 26th, both are on sun day.

Well, right now I am going to share with you step by step guide to download admit card.

SSC CGL 2014 Admit Card Download Guide-

CGl (Combined Graduate Level), the test has been already delay but on the other side you will get time for this, I mean you have time for preparation.

You can do better.

See. there are steps to follow for you-
  • Just go to official website of
  • Then you need to wait for few seconds to load the complete webpage, right now you need to click on on your desire language, may be Hindi or English.
  • Then you will see another webpage, again you need to wait for few seconds for loading the page.
  • Now click on Admit Card, then wait to ask for requirement for downloading the admit card.
  • Now put your information there as per requirement there, then click on download the admit card.
Well, I will update later with proper steps to download the admit card.

About SSC CGL 2014-

Staff Selection Commission every year conduct different different examinations for jobs like the same this year they are going to conduct CGL (Combined Graduate Level) exam, because of some issues the exam schedule has been delayed.

Well but now you can understand that this is a conform date from SSC.

How to Prepare for CGL for Left Time-

Right now I don't want to tell you for details study because time is very limited from now, may be you have other works too.

Okay but even then I will suggest you to do only and only one thing.

Which is most probably almost all aspirants do mistakes, I will suggest you to prepare thoroughly.

I mean have strong preparation what you have studied till now, no need to study more, may be it will create another complex situation in the examinations.

Well, this is my personal opinion rest no you, what you want?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

ALP 2014- Download RRB ALP Admit Card 2014

ALP (Assistant Loco pilot) 2014, well Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has opened window for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot as well as technician grade C, there are more than 26,000 posts for different different zones, I know you are looking for admit card, well I will tell you each and everything about your ALP admit card.

Download RRB ALP 2014 Admit Card-

There are many RRB zonal website, you need to download admit card through those websites only but you can get all those links here only, because I don't know from where you are belonging from that's why I am giving you the link for this-
  • Well, through the link I have provided above you can choose your own zone.
  • Now find out the link for downloading admit card.
  • May be you need to put your name their, well now it is not available to download the admit card, but whenever it will be available I will update here.
  • Okay I hope you understand all steps to download your admit card.

Checking The List of Rejected Candidates for ALP/Technician 2014-

Well, I have doing getting information regarding ALP/Technician examinations for 2014, because there are many my friend of friends are going to write the examinations, that's why I am getting the information regarding this.

 I understand you must check the rejected candidates list before going to download admit card, may be you are thinking how would you do that, well I have already provided the main link for RRB, you have to go to the zonal website, where you have sent the application, if you have submitted online, then where you have submitted online.

Now, you need to go through the website, I mean you need to find out the link of rejected candidates, it is not that much difficult to find out, you have to find the link.

I know anybody can do it, okay now you need to download the list, well wait for few seconds to download the link, then open the list, but you need to have adobe reader for reading the list, after open the file you need to find out, whether your name is there or not.

Well, may be you are thinking it is really difficult to do that, but I am telling you it is too simple, just you need to go through steps- okay I hope you have opened the file, now go there and press "CTRL + F", after this you will see there a search box.

Just type there full name, as you have mention on the application form then click on Enter, that's it, you need to wait for few seconds, you will automatically, see if your name is there, if your name is not there then you will not find, its simple right.

Examinations Tips and Tricks for ALP/Technician 2014-

Well, I know you are really interested, that's why till now you are reading this blog post, even I am really happy that you are reading this blog.

I appreciate your feeling.

Okay, here I am going to share with you few tips and tricks those will help in the examinations, only few days left for the examinations right, so here are those tips and tricks-
  1. Syllabus- Know syllabus is everything, just stick to your syllabus.
  2. Exam Pattern- Exam pattern help you to make a proper plan
  3. General Knowledge- There is always needed to get good score as well as less time.
  4. Time Management- wear watch for proper time management but don't look at the watch every time.
  5. Make Schedule from Now- I don't how much days remaining for examinations from now, but still make a proper plan.
  6. Have Confidence- Self confidence can make you winner 80% rest based on other things.
I hope you got all those points here I have pointed out, even then may be you want more I don't know about that, but I can only tell you, if you need any kind out of help regarding downloading ALP/Technician Grade C Admit card 2014, just comment here, I will help you as much as possible.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SSC JE Admit Card 2014- Download Here

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is one of the prestigious commission known for conducting examinations for jobs in all over India but up to group B jobs because group A jobs conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), recently SSC open doors for Polytechnic as well as BTech/BE students for fill Junior Engineer post in various sectors.

The exam date for Junior Engineer is 25/05/14, recently SSC announced the changes in the examination pattern you must check it out, as I have read the notification which is having that earlier it was proposed that both examinations means theory as well as MCQ in a single day but according to the notification it is not like that, first you have to face MCQ, if you will qualify then you will go for next round.

Download SSC JE (Junior Engineer) Admit Card 2014-

First let me tell you the fact, you are right not able to download admit card online, because SSC did not provide this option right now, but soon you are going to get link to download your admit card, well ssc send admit card to candidates by post, but even than if you have not received then you can download from your own ssc zonal websites.

Here are steps you need to go through to download your admit card-
  • First go to copy paste this website address then wait for few seconds to load the website properly, now choose language Hindi or English.
  • Then you will see another new page which is having option Admit Card, right now you can not download from there, but soon you can download.
  • But you need your registration ID may be you required your date of birth.
  • Then put the required information there now you can easily download your SSC admit card.

Things to Check After Downloading Admit Card-

If you have downloaded the admit card then you need to check few things right now, please check your all information, right or wrong, specially your signature as well as photograph.

If there is any type of problem then contact your SSC immediately, I think only they can solve this problem.

I will suggest you do not ignore this, it may be serious problem for sitting in the examinations.

That was the first, but the next thing to do is please see back of the admit card and read the instructions carefully, which is really important sometimes I have seen many students face problem here.

Download SSC Admit Card for Paper 2 Exam-

As the pattern of the examination has been changed that's why you need to download your admit card for paper 2 exam, well you need to check first whether you have qualified the exam or not then you can download the admit card, well you need to check by yourself about this or you can check this blog, I will update here.

Check Points-
If you have any problem regarding SSC Junior Engineer test you can comment below with your problem, I will definitely try to solve your problem.