India Shares Longest Border with Which Country

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India Shares Longest Border with Which Country?

If you are thinking about getting or knowing answer for this question then you are going to learn answer of this question as well as with other few important questions you are going to learn from this article.

The answer for this question is Bangladesh, yes Bangladesh shared longest border with Indian its 4096 Km followed by China, China shared border with India is 3488 Km and then Pakistan and other countries too.

So, here are three important questions you can learn from this article-

1. India Share Longest Border with Which Country

Answer- Bangladesh

2. Total distance Indian shared with Bangladesh in Border

Answer- 4096 Km

3. India Share Longest Border with Which Country

Answer- China

These are most important questions if you are preparing for competitive examinations special B grade and C Grade examination, I was thinking about looking at questions in Railway examination, I got this question couple of times that's why I am sharing with you guys in little more details, hope this article help you, if you need any other help then let us know.

Which is The Longest NH Road in India

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Longest NH road in India, this is one of the most important question if you are going for writing competitive examination, even if you are going for any school or college level quiz competitive, I can remember last year in my college, college people organized quiz competition in that competition they have shared with us that they are going to put questions from Indian geography and about other things in India.

So, one of my friend he is damn good in general knowledge he has prepared well and now the same pretty question asked in that quiz competition and do you believe? My friend given the right answer, which is just amazing moment for him.

Name of the Longest NH in India-

Yes, its NH 7.

Total Distance Covered by Longest NH in India

Yeah, I must agree with someone who is sitting with me and who forced me to put this point and because of him I am putting this point here, I am not sure is this going to help you or not but yeah I must say, it will help you at least a little, okay here is the asnwer to your question- 2369 Km

Important Cities Covered by Longest NH in India

Now, lets discuss about NH covered important cities including starting and ending citis well, the longest NH is NH7, that is clear by now, but let me share with you its starting city and ending city, because many times this type of question also asked, so here is it-
  • Starting City of NH 7- Varanasi
  • Ending City of NH 7- Kanyakumari
Number of cities covered here is it- 
Varanasi - Mangawan - Rewa - Jabalpur - Hyderabad - Babgalore - Krissnagiri - Dindigul - Madurai - Kanyakumari 

Where "Longest NH in India" Questions Already Asked?

Well, most of the time this question is asked in Quiz competition, railway examination specially in ALP, Goods Guard, Assistant station master, SSC (LDC, UDC) and almost any examination because there is no limit for this.

List of Important NH in India

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NH means National Highway there are many national highly but here you are going to learn about all NH in India, that's why it will be easier for you to mark the right answer in the competitive examination, okay lets go the list.

National Highway
Starting and End Point
NH 1
New Delhi to Amritsar
NH 2
New Delhi to Kolkata
NH 3
Agra to Mumbai
NH 4
Thane to Bengaluru
NH 5
Kolkata to Chennai
NH 6
Kolkata to Dhule
NH 7
Varanasi to Kanyakumari
NH 8
Delhi to Ahmedabad
NH 9
Mumbai to Vijaywada
NH 10
Delhi to Fajilka

List of Important Rivers Dam in India

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List of Important Rivers Dam in India, I have seen most of the competitive examination such type of question asked, so we were thinking why not to share with you guys in a pretty short post and sure in next up coming days we will share more, that's why this portal will be one of the best web portal for SSC aspirants may be CGL, JE, LDC and so on.

Okay here is the list-

List of Important Rivers Dam in India -

  1. Hirankud Dam- Odisha (Mahanadi)
  2. Osman Sagar Dam- Andhra Pradesh (Musi)
  3. Koyna Dam- Maharashtra (Koyna)
  4. Bhakra Dam- Himachal Pradesh (Sutlej)
  5. Pong Dam- Himachal Pradesh (Beas)
  6. Tehri Dam- Uttrakhand (Bhagirathi)
  7. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam- Telangana (Krishna River)
  8. Ukai Dam- Gujarat (Tapti)
  9. Baglihar Dam- Jammu and Kashmir (Chenab)
I hope this list is going to help you a lot, if you got any other query regarding rivers in Indian let us know, we I will try to help you.

MTech Admission 2016 Through GATE

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GATE 2016 was the exam, which create history, there are about 1 Million students write GATE exam to Get admission in MTech as well as for Jobs in PSU's, okay the result has been declare long back, many IIT's even started admission process, IIT Gandhinagar closed admission through GATE, because they have already filled seats.

Well, NIT's, NIFFT, Some IITS and some other institute will start admission process through, you can get form from this website and start filling your form for the counselling, pretty much like JEE and earlier like AIEEE.

Well, here is the notification intimated by MNIT, Jaipur- because this year they are organizing counselling, here is the screen shot of the notice.
MTech Admission GATE 2015
Through CCMT you can get admission but you must have valid GATE score card- means you must qualify GATE.

Steps for CCMT Counselling Through GATE-

In 2016 MTech admission candidates have been increased than last year, but the exact numbers did not come, but it is after looking at the number of candidates write GATE Exam.

Well, let me tell you steps by steps idea for getting admission through CCMT-
  • First go to, well there are 33 institution has been participated in this counselling, you can easily find out this list on this website.
  • Next step is to Register Yourself there, this option you can easily find out, just see on the middle of the left side.
  • After clicking there you will have lots of information to read, first read then click on Agree.
  • Now you will see five steps there those are register, Pay, Personal Details, Fill Choices and then Verify and Lock.
  • Just go through these respective steps That's it.
Well, the answer of the big question, that is will GATE 2015 qualified would be eligible for CCMT counselling in this year, then the answer is yes!

MTech Admission Process in IIT'S Through GATE-

IIT's don't have any common counselling process, you have to apply separately, there you are face interview, after interview they will short list candidates.

There is definitely bright future you have after getting admission in IIT's, but after looking at the competition level it seems little difficult.

But not impossible, you must apply. Otherwise you have lot of option to make your future bright.

MTech in Other Colleges Through GATE-

Other than IIT's, NIT's, IIIT's, Few govt colleges, there are colleges those offer MTech like private colleges, private universities, deemed universities also.

But, it would be depend on your budget, if you have budget then you can apply for MTech in Deemed Universities, Deemed Universities are having good reputation as well as placement, many deemed universities even offer some scholarship.

Let me tell you an unique information about scholarship for pursuing MTech even IIT's provide scholarship 8000 like IIT Gandhinagar, but National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur Odisha- this institute is offering 13000 per month scholarship for GATE qualified candidate. But they are offering MTech in limited courses.

MTech in Any College With Scholarship-

If you are GATE qualified and did not get admission in good college may be IIT, NIT then let me know I will help you to get admission in college as well as you will get scholarship from AICTE.

Actually, there are many colleges offer this opportunity those are approved by AICTE, actually I did not know about it, I came to know about this from one of my friend who told me about this, because he is studying MTech and he is qualified GATE 2015 the funny thing is that he is not studying from any reputed college it is just a simple private engineering college in Haryana and he is getting scholarship.

I think that is good.

The reason is simple, he did not get admission in IIT's not even in NIT's but still he is upgrading education for getting better opportunity in future.

Is there anything would you like to know regarding MTech admission through GATE?

Haryana Board 10th Result- HBSE 10th Class Result 2016

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Haryana Board 10th Result- HBSE (Board of School Education Haryana) 10th Class Result 2016- Every year Board of School Education Haryana conduct 10th class examination every year, this year HBSE also conduct 10th class examinations, I know you are looking for 10th class result, though the board did not announce result till now so, I can not give you proper information, but I can tell few more things about 10th class result as well as I will share with you few tips and tricks.

Check HBSE 10th Class Result 2016-

Here are step by step guide for you to check 10th class result 2016-
  • First go to just copy and then paste the website address then wait till the webpage to load completely.
  • You need to find out the link for 10th class result, now then click on the link.
  • Right now you need information like your roll no to see your result, may be you need more information like your date of birth (DOB)
  • Pray to GOD, hopefully you got your desire result.
Best of luck.

Why 10th Class (HBSE) 2016 is important-

10th class result is the base, if your result is good then it is good but if your result is not up to the mark as you are thinking, then don't worry, well I am not saying quit study.

I am saying what you got that is your hard work, if you will work hard now then probably you will get very good result after two years, see it is not easy to do so, but even impossible, take an opportunities and start working on that.

One more thing I could remember right now, I will recommend you take each and every step for your next decision carefully, think thrice before taking decision.

What to Do After HBSE 10th Class Result 2016-

I know may be you are thinking, what you should do (Arts or Science or Commerce), see each field having their own potential but it is up to you which field you want to go with, but I will suggest you to choose field in which field you are really interested.

I know, there are lots of buzz about Engineering may be good or bad, about CA, MBA but take final decision very carefully.

I mean listen to your friends, your parents and take few days to take final decision, but don't be in hurry. Take time to choose because your whole life is depend on this.

Tip for 10th Class Student 2016 (HBSE Board)-

Well, there are numerous think to do after 10th class, but I will suggest you to few things those are really important for your better future.
  1. Improve your vocabulary as well as speaking skills in English.
  2. If possible then start giving time to improve your General Knowledge.
  3. Start reading news paper, if not possible then daily, but don't just read headings for saving time read one article but fully, if any word or sentence you are not getting then open dictionary and then see meaning of it.
  4. Always concentrate on quality not quantity.
  5. Think before talk, because because once it will out then out.
Is there anything You wanted to know about HBSE result 2016 comment below, I will reply.

GATE 2017 Preparation Tips- The Definite Guide

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GATE 2017 Preparation Tips

GATE 2017 Preparation Tips(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), I know you know the full form of GATE, I know even you are looking for tips(These tips and tricks are for all disciplines of Engineering, you may be studying in CSE(Computer Science Engineering), ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering), ME (Mechanical Engineering) etc), Those tips will really help you to crack GATE 2017, so for this, I got an idea just one month ago to write about GATE preparation Guide, that's why I talk to my many friends and also my teachers those already have qualified GATE, PSU's even IES, so in this blog post you are going to get ultimate tips and tricks to crack GATE 2017.

Are you super excited to know those tips, which will open a new gate for your life, I hope so, you are-

1) Make a Proper Plan for GATE 2017

I don't need to tell you more, why you need to plan for preparation.

This is not working only for GATE.

I have to say this, this is a evergreen tactics or strategy to achieve target, easily as well as effectively.

I know even you are really interested in GATE that's why even you have landed on this page, so I will recommend you to do only one known but effective tips for planning, don't do planning in your mind.

Just take a piece of paper and then write what is your goal and how would you achieve it.

I mean the path for achieving your goal.

Then just paste that or those piece of paper in your bed room wall, that's why you can see always your target, which will keep you doing for achieving your goal, i.e. good score in GATE.

2) Preparation of the Subjects

See, I don't know about you, you may be in final year or may be pass out student, even this is possible you are doing job.

But I do know.

No matter what are you doing, you have to prepare for GATE, other wise there is no shortcut way to crack it.

I mean just look at the statistics of GATE appeared candidates increasing rapidly from last few years, since PSU's start recruiting through GATE.

Here is the statistics for GATE previous year appeared candidates-

GATE 2016-
Little less than one million

GATE 2015-
About one million 

GATE 2014-
Total number of candidates appeared more than 1 million

GATE 2013-
Total number of candidates appeared 9,84,855.

GATE 2012-
Total number of candidates appeared 7,71,349

GATE 2011-
Total number of Candidates appeared 5,52,530

I hope you can understand now, how the craze of GATE is increasing day by day, see these numbers and then start preparations.

Remember, seats are limited, if you want to get in there then I think you have to do something i.e. hard work with little using your mind.

I hope you are getting me.

3) Clear Basics Concept

Here many students fail.

Because GATE is not like any other written examination that questions will come from selected topics or unit but syllabus is there(Partitions of Marks is not there)

Here any type of patter can be followed, no boundary for it.

So, I will recommend you, while solving any question don't go behind the answer or try to solve the question in shortcut, first try to get the concept then you can try any shortcut according to you, but to do accurate shortcut you have to first clear your basics concept.

4) Solve More Numerical Problems

If you are not aware about this, then let me tell you, in GATE there are about 80% numerical based questions come.

So, rather try to remember theories.

Try to solve more and more numerical problems, which will help you lot to remember concept as well as formulas.

5) Use of Calculator in GATE 2017

Calculator is free to use in GATE.

Definitely there are certain reasons behind of it.

Because, you need to solve problems in time, if you will not familiar with calculator then it will become difficult for you to use calculator directly in the examination.

So, keep using calculator, that's why you will not do any mistake in the GATE examination.

6) Solve Previous Year Problems

See, every body need an idea to make things better understanding.

Here the same, previous year question paper will give you an idea about the question pattern, as well as you will have practice of solving questions, those already asked in GATE.

7) Make a Notes of All Formula and Key Points but Subject Wise

Key points and formulas are needed to crack the exam.

You should noted those key points because it will help you to revise your studied topics very quickly.

And you know revision is must.

8) Study Like Last Study

Think about it.

That, this is about your career.

Once you will clear the examinations and interview you will become officer may be Group A officer.

So, study your every day like last day.

9) Join GATE Test Series

Join test series, this is going to let you know about your preparation.

You will be confident, about your preparation, which will be helpful in the GATE examinations, also you will come to know your speed of solving questions, mistakes etc.

Specially, I talk to many of my friends about preparation of GATE out of ten friends, 8 friends told me join test series.

I think there is something good.

10) Practice Online Test Series

GATE has changed it's exam pattern, I know you know about it, that you are going to take test, GATE
test online.

So, there is little difference between online offline examinations.

So, online test series will help to get you almost the same feeling of the GATE examinations, for this online test series, I will recommend you to use one online website.

Don't Worry, it's free?

Those questions are even from GATE previous years.

This is going to help you to know about the GATE pattern and at the same time you will able build your concept to solve questions.

Here is the website name-

11) Don't Study Like University Examinations

In the competitive examinations like GATE, questions come those are generally do not come in the University examinations.

You have to put more concentrations on numerical problems, which will help you lot to clear and also to get good marks in the examinations.

13) Study 10 Hours Daily Last Two Months(Self Study)

If you are really serious about GATE then I will suggest you to study at least 10 hours a day, self study.

Which will increase capability to study and work hard.

12) If Possible Buy MCQ Test Books, Then Solve

If you have solves previous questions paper then you may refer any MCQ books to solve questions, I will recommend you to solve previous year IES papers, it will also help you to develop concept of your own subject.

Don't try to solve more and more simple questions, rather try to solve more and more difficult questions.

13) Give More Concentration on Your Weak Point

After solving GATE previous papers, you will definitely come to know about your week point, where you can work to make those areas strong.

I know it will take time.

But you have to give time, if you wanted to be there, otherwise it is all yours.

Think about it.

I can remember a good quotes on this, which is written by Shiv Khera.

"Winners Don't Do Different Things They Do Things Differently"

14) Help Others, What You Know?

If you will share with others, what you know then it will be more crystal clear for you, which will help to boost your concept regarding that or those topics, even some one will ask you questions regarding those topics, which will also lead to answer a questions instantaneously.

Remember more you will help others, more you will grow, this not applicable only GATE, this is applicable everywhere in your life.

15) Don't Be in Hurry

Hurry, some where it is needed, may be getting ready to go to college.

But while preparing for competitive examinations you have to clear all concepts and solve many type of questions. Because you have to prepare in this way that you can solve any type of questions from those topics.

16) Don't Use Fluke Method

Most dangerous for competitions examinations like GATE, PSU's etc!

Because of Minus Marking, I know, you know about it.

But even then I am reminding you, to don't use fluke method to answer the questions.

17) Don't Pre-assume any Answer

While solving any question in the examinations, don't assume any answer in between solving the question, which may lead you to choose wrong answer than a correct one, then you know what will happen.

I will recommend you to maintain accuracy.

18) Give More Time to Technical Subjects

Don't waste time in non technical Like English, Aptitude etc.

Okay I know you will get about 15 marks from these topics, but out of 100 Marks, even you can solve about 10 Marks questions quiet easily out of 15, if you are little smart for solving aptitude questions.

That's why I am recommending you to concentrate more on technical subjects.

19) Concentrate on Accuracy

As I have already share with you maintaining accuracy will help you lot, to get good marks and finally to get good rank.

But you are not going to get good accuracy in a day, you have to stick to it,  I mean first stop giving answer by looking the questions.

If you are pretty sure about the question then answer it.

It will make your own attitude to answer the questions in the examinations, which will help you to decide which question you can solve and choose the right answer, this will save your time also.

20) Group Study Is Important

If you are living in a hostel or studying in college.

Then discuss topics with your friends, but remember those are interested to study only.

It you will help lot to keep concept in your mind for forever.

21) Silly Points

This is my personal experience.

In the competitive examinations you will get questions from Notes or silly points or assumptions of the topic. which is generally we don't study while preparing for University examinations.

So, always give little focus on silly points too(If possible make notes those silly points).

22) Ask Your Friend Those Already Get into IIT or Gate Qualified

To get help or good suggestions ask some one, who already did it.

But don't ask any one who is too much intelligent, you have to ask any one, who was like you and get into it.

Who can tell you the proper path for you to achieve your target.

23) Keep Faith in Itself

All of we know, if we do something with full of faith then it will become easier to do that.

The same concept you can use here even.

24) Don't Memorize Answer of Any Question

Don't try to memorize any answers, rather try to understand the concept behind it.

Why concept?

It will help you to solve another question of same type or may be little different type.

25) No Need to Study Beyond Syllabus

Stick to your syllabus.

There are million topics in any Engineering field that does not mean you need to study all of them, you just have to study, what's on your syllabus.

While preparing for examinations after then you can read any topic, but now stick to syllabus.

26) Exam Type

I have already share with you that GATE is not like any university examinations, you have to prepare for GATE with different way, I hope you come to know many of them.

Read next section it will crystal clear for you.

27) GATE Previous Year Question Papers Analysis Subject Wise

GATE previous years question paper are keys to qualify GATE even you can get very good marks.

It will help you to analyse type of questions come in the examinations.

28) Tips to Remember Any Difficult Topic

This is the tips, I have learnt from my self.

Whenever, I have been in trouble to remember any topic, I always try to relate the topic with my favorite things in my life.

Which help me lot to remember any topic or any formula or any key points.

You can do the same, I hope it will help you lot,  few more tips I have used like putting difficult topic on your room wall, making notes and keep looking while journey.

See, there are many ways to succeed in your life, it is up to you, how and which way will work for you the best, you have to find it and finally implement it, if you want to succeed.

"Remember Ideas are worthless, if you will not implement"

Special Tips for GATE 2017 Aspirants:-

This is sure, now I am going to share with you few secret and best ever tips for cracking GATE 2017, I know after reading those tips you will even be happy to read this blog.

So, may be you are thinking what are those tips!

Actually it's all most important information about GATE 2017-

How to Solve Assertions and Reasons Questions in GATE

In the GATE examinations you will definitely get about 4 to five questions, those questions are really tough to solve, as many students think.

I don't know about you, what do you think?

But after reading my tips to solve such type of questions, it will make easiest question.

Okay, here is the key for solving such type of questions, don't read these questions like "Assertions and Reasons", read like two statements and use Because in between these two sentence,  if there is linked then choose option as give below.

Actually as I have seen till now there are four options, those are like I have given below-
  • Both True but R is the correct explanations of A.
  • Both True, R is not the correct explanation of A.
  • A is true and R is False.
  • A is false and R is True
Actually it is easy to choose 3 and 4 but problem generally generate to choose options 1 and 2, that's why use my tips, it will help you to solve such type of questions quiet easily.

List One and List Two Match Questions in GATE

Actually these questions are really good to score very good marks, but you need to find out the short cut way to solve the questions, otherwise you will confused and you will do the wrong answer.

So, to solve such type of questions you need to find out the options, about which options you know the best then see where it is applicable if somewhere it is not applicable then just remove that or those options and repeat the steps, it will help you solve the questions 1/4 times than choosing one by one method.

How to Solve Previous Year Questions

Many students did mistakes, they do solve questions but they don't solve by self, they got help from solution, here you did mistake, because if you will not take those questions as an examinations in your home or room till that time you will not learn something from questions.

My tips is regarding this, you should solve questions from yourself, if you can not do it then even don't go for the solution directly, you can go for solution any time, but before going there try try try, it will help you to develop concept to solve questions, you will have confident, you can get help from books,  notes to solve those questions.

It will help you lot, just do it for few days you will feel difference, I am sure about it.

Last Words for GATE 2017-

First of all, I would like to thank you, for reading this blog post, I hope you liked it and really it will help you to succeed in GATE.

If you want to know any other things about GATE 2017 then don't forget to ask by giving comments below and write comments below, if you liked it.

You can even directly contact me on Facebook-

Remember there is no shortcut way to become a successful person, you have to do hard work, yes you have to, if want to know more about it then take an example of any successful person, who already succeeded.

It is the right time to make your DREAM into reality, there is no secret dear to success, all secrets is in you, to do anything in this world and finally change the world for better tomorrow.