What After B.Tech- Should You Go for MBA or MTech Unique Suggestions

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After BTech MBA or MTech

After B.Tech now days only few got good job.

Others either joined call centers or coaching for preparation or go for higher education, today I would like to share with you in depth concept between these two courses.

For this, I have started again talking to my friends, actually I do have experience about M.Tech but don't have much experience about MBA, I mean scope of MBA after B.Tech

Well, for this I talk to my friend, he is studying in Pune and he got admission in MBA right after B.Tech, I ask him why did not you get admission in M.Tech

He, replied to me, he wanted to get job as soon as possible in corporate sectors.

Well, I told him, you can also get job in corporate sectors after M.Tech, he replied he is not interested as well as after looking at current statistics of good Engineering colleges, it is obvious that it is really tough to get job in corporate sectors after M.Tech, well its an average analysis.

But, yes if you are interested in teaching then go for it.

Approach to M.Tech-

M.Tech (Master of Technology) totally research oriented.

If you are interested in research or want to find out something new which would be helpful for society then you must go for M.Tech

Well, another thing I would like to share with you.

If you are in teaching field then M.Tech is must, without this you can not even get position then it is obvious you will not have good opportunity to work.

Top M.Tech Colleges

For doing M.Tech there are many colleges, but I will suggest you to go for only IIT's and NIT's, okay its my personal opinion.

Well, you can get admission in anywhere, there are many colleges those offer M.Tech but if you want to really get into research work then I will suggest you to go for these colleges only.

Rest, depend on you.

What you want?

Because, its your life.

I will suggest you, prepare for GATE 2017 and score well then each and everything will be easy for you.

Where to Get Admission in M.Tech

IIT's And NIT's only, if you are looking for doing full time MTech, if you want to do part time M.Tech then go for any govt college or private college which is affiliate to AICTE as well as a good govt University.

Approach to MBA-

MBA (Master of Business Administration), the BIG opportunity to get good position as well as platform to work, but choose college wisely otherwise you know what will happen after two years.

Well, I have discuss more on this. that's why you will get very good value as well as a direction for your future.

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Top MBA Colleges-

I don't want to tell you name of all MBA colleges those are on top, here I am going to give real approach to choose MBA college.

I have one simple question regarding this, how would you get admission in any MBA college?

I don't know what you are thinking? but I guess you will first check the website of the college and placement statistics, right.

Then probably you are doing wrong.

Here is why?

Actually, you have used virtual source to analyze the college.

Don't use this approach here, at least while choosing college, because if you will make mistake here you will loose many things.

May be you are thinking, then what should be the way to choose college?

See, if you are getting admission in ISB, IIM'S, IIT's, NIT's then you don't need to apply this concept.

But, if you are going to take admission any other college then I think, first you must visit the college campus, then you need to collect few information there.

Its not like, you will go to college and directly go to canteen, don't do that.

If you will do so, I can not stop you, go to canteen but after collecting some data about the college, you should not ask any official person to collect data.

You must ask each and everything to students of that college, start from management, faculty, tour, facilities, fees to placements.

Because, this way you will get real information about the college.

Top Cities to Get Admission in MBA

Here, I am going to tell you few cities those would be better for getting good job, see corporate don't have offices in small cities, well I am talking about two or three offices, I am talking about in BULK.

So, if you will get admission in Top cities it would be easier to get good job, here are those cities, but you must choose according to your budget.
  • New Delhi and NCR
  • Chandigarh
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Pune
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Bhubaneswar

Which One is Better M.Tech or MBA-

Actually, it depends on your choice as well as your budget, well budget is not that much matter, because you can get education loan, if you are getting good college.

I will suggest you, just go for it, I mean which is interesting for you, you should go that way, where you will enjoy more.

I don't know which one you like the most, but take time to make final decision.

But, no matter, what you will choose don't regret later for your current decision rather do hard work to get success in that field, because both of them are just awesome.

Is there any help you need for taking decision for choosing one of these courses- MBA or M.Tech?

Five Tips I Learnt From Dr S R Mediratta

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Dr S R Mediratta is one of the kind, intelligent, hard working and of course an IITian, who is having great knowledge in technical, managerial as well as in social, he is having very good controlling skills too, one thing I would like to share with you about him, he has started and make successful many institutes, he worked for SAIL India in R & D department, currently he is working as a Director General of Yamuna Group of Institutions, Yamunanagar.

Well, may be you are looking for those tips, those tips I have learnt from Dr S R Mediratta, actually I was his student and I become failure to college topper in engineering then I must say the first inspiration I got from him.

How to Write in the Examination-

It was my third semester of engineering, I did have necessary work that's why I went to him and he shows me paper written by my juniors, the best thing about them they are too good in writing and in engineering if you can write from yourself then you can get very good marks, because remembering things and writing in the examination is really tough job because less time and work is too much.

That's why I must say any engineer can become good writer, for example just see Chetan Bhagat.

Learning Anything Practically-

Learning anything practically, I have learnt from him, he taught us in the very first semester that is manufacturing process and he let us move to workshop for understanding things practically from the class, it was an amazing move for me.

Giving Priority to Class Than Other things-

It was fourth semester he taught us Material Science, one day when we did not see him in the class we thought he will not come but after 10 minutes he came and told us, why we did not tell him about the class, actually he was in the meeting but even than he told us classes are most important than any other things in an educational institute.

How to Do Planning in Business-

Without planning it becomes difficult to get things done right way, but there is also one concept which has been used by many industries that is Just in Time, Dr. S R Mediratta believes in planning he always told us how to write? how to study? when to study? like things that's why we will be prepare before the examinations.

At, that time I have learnt about internet business, I mean blogging with wordpress platform and of course platform, so I have learn a lot of domain, hosting, even these days I am working with it, having fun all the time the income I am getting from it, even I am giving discount on premium hosting like WiredTree Hybrid Coupon.

How to Handle Problems-

Problems will definitely come in our life, so you must be aware about solving problems, I mean how to solve any kind of problems of your life, because if you can not solve your problems then how would be possible you can solve other problems, so I learnt from him. How to solve problems from basic to tougher one.

There is no limit for learning, it is on you, one of the best way to learn things that is from your mistakes because things we learn from mistakes, we never forget because it pinched us for that particular moment.

These things changed little bit of my life, because I have written e-books, I did get good marks and of course job, what do you think about these tips?

India Shares Longest Border with Which Country

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India Shares Longest Border with Which Country?

If you are thinking about getting or knowing answer for this question then you are going to learn answer of this question as well as with other few important questions you are going to learn from this article.

The answer for this question is Bangladesh, yes Bangladesh shared longest border with Indian its 4096 Km followed by China, China shared border with India is 3488 Km and then Pakistan and other countries too.

So, here are three important questions you can learn from this article-

1. India Share Longest Border with Which Country

Answer- Bangladesh

2. Total distance Indian shared with Bangladesh in Border

Answer- 4096 Km

3. India Share Longest Border with Which Country

Answer- China

These are most important questions if you are preparing for competitive examinations special B grade and C Grade examination, I was thinking about looking at questions in Railway examination, I got this question couple of times that's why I am sharing with you guys in little more details, hope this article help you, if you need any other help then let us know.

Which is The Longest NH Road in India

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Longest NH road in India, this is one of the most important question if you are going for writing competitive examination, even if you are going for any school or college level quiz competitive, I can remember last year in my college, college people organized quiz competition in that competition they have shared with us that they are going to put questions from Indian geography and about other things in India.

So, one of my friend he is damn good in general knowledge he has prepared well and now the same pretty question asked in that quiz competition and do you believe? My friend given the right answer, which is just amazing moment for him.

Name of the Longest NH in India-

Yes, its NH 7.

Total Distance Covered by Longest NH in India

Yeah, I must agree with someone who is sitting with me and who forced me to put this point and because of him I am putting this point here, I am not sure is this going to help you or not but yeah I must say, it will help you at least a little, okay here is the asnwer to your question- 2369 Km

Important Cities Covered by Longest NH in India

Now, lets discuss about NH covered important cities including starting and ending citis well, the longest NH is NH7, that is clear by now, but let me share with you its starting city and ending city, because many times this type of question also asked, so here is it-
  • Starting City of NH 7- Varanasi
  • Ending City of NH 7- Kanyakumari
Number of cities covered here is it- 
Varanasi - Mangawan - Rewa - Jabalpur - Hyderabad - Babgalore - Krissnagiri - Dindigul - Madurai - Kanyakumari 

Where "Longest NH in India" Questions Already Asked?

Well, most of the time this question is asked in Quiz competition, railway examination specially in ALP, Goods Guard, Assistant station master, SSC (LDC, UDC) and almost any examination because there is no limit for this.

List of Important NH in India

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NH means National Highway there are many national highly but here you are going to learn about all NH in India, that's why it will be easier for you to mark the right answer in the competitive examination, okay lets go the list.

National Highway
Starting and End Point
NH 1
New Delhi to Amritsar
NH 2
New Delhi to Kolkata
NH 3
Agra to Mumbai
NH 4
Thane to Bengaluru
NH 5
Kolkata to Chennai
NH 6
Kolkata to Dhule
NH 7
Varanasi to Kanyakumari
NH 8
Delhi to Ahmedabad
NH 9
Mumbai to Vijaywada
NH 10
Delhi to Fajilka

List of Important Rivers Dam in India

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List of Important Rivers Dam in India, I have seen most of the competitive examination such type of question asked, so we were thinking why not to share with you guys in a pretty short post and sure in next up coming days we will share more, that's why this portal will be one of the best web portal for SSC aspirants may be CGL, JE, LDC and so on.

Okay here is the list-

List of Important Rivers Dam in India -

  1. Hirankud Dam- Odisha (Mahanadi)
  2. Osman Sagar Dam- Andhra Pradesh (Musi)
  3. Koyna Dam- Maharashtra (Koyna)
  4. Bhakra Dam- Himachal Pradesh (Sutlej)
  5. Pong Dam- Himachal Pradesh (Beas)
  6. Tehri Dam- Uttrakhand (Bhagirathi)
  7. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam- Telangana (Krishna River)
  8. Ukai Dam- Gujarat (Tapti)
  9. Baglihar Dam- Jammu and Kashmir (Chenab)
I hope this list is going to help you a lot, if you got any other query regarding rivers in Indian let us know, we I will try to help you.

MTech Admission 2016 Through GATE

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GATE 2016 was the exam, which create history, there are about 1 Million students write GATE exam to Get admission in MTech as well as for Jobs in PSU's, okay the result has been declare long back, many IIT's even started admission process, IIT Gandhinagar closed admission through GATE, because they have already filled seats.

Well, NIT's, NIFFT, Some IITS and some other institute will start admission process through CCMT.in, you can get form from this website and start filling your form for the counselling, pretty much like JEE and earlier like AIEEE.

Well, here is the notification intimated by MNIT, Jaipur- because this year they are organizing counselling, here is the screen shot of the notice.
MTech Admission GATE 2015
Through CCMT you can get admission but you must have valid GATE score card- means you must qualify GATE.

Steps for CCMT Counselling Through GATE-

In 2016 MTech admission candidates have been increased than last year, but the exact numbers did not come, but it is after looking at the number of candidates write GATE Exam.

Well, let me tell you steps by steps idea for getting admission through CCMT-
  • First go to www.CCMT.in, well there are 33 institution has been participated in this counselling, you can easily find out this list on this website.
  • Next step is to Register Yourself there, this option you can easily find out, just see on the middle of the left side.
  • After clicking there you will have lots of information to read, first read then click on Agree.
  • Now you will see five steps there those are register, Pay, Personal Details, Fill Choices and then Verify and Lock.
  • Just go through these respective steps That's it.
Well, the answer of the big question, that is will GATE 2015 qualified would be eligible for CCMT counselling in this year, then the answer is yes!

MTech Admission Process in IIT'S Through GATE-

IIT's don't have any common counselling process, you have to apply separately, there you are face interview, after interview they will short list candidates.

There is definitely bright future you have after getting admission in IIT's, but after looking at the competition level it seems little difficult.

But not impossible, you must apply. Otherwise you have lot of option to make your future bright.

MTech in Other Colleges Through GATE-

Other than IIT's, NIT's, IIIT's, Few govt colleges, there are colleges those offer MTech like private colleges, private universities, deemed universities also.

But, it would be depend on your budget, if you have budget then you can apply for MTech in Deemed Universities, Deemed Universities are having good reputation as well as placement, many deemed universities even offer some scholarship.

Let me tell you an unique information about scholarship for pursuing MTech even IIT's provide scholarship 8000 like IIT Gandhinagar, but National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur Odisha- this institute is offering 13000 per month scholarship for GATE qualified candidate. But they are offering MTech in limited courses.

MTech in Any College With Scholarship-

If you are GATE qualified and did not get admission in good college may be IIT, NIT then let me know I will help you to get admission in college as well as you will get scholarship from AICTE.

Actually, there are many colleges offer this opportunity those are approved by AICTE, actually I did not know about it, I came to know about this from one of my friend who told me about this, because he is studying MTech and he is qualified GATE 2015 the funny thing is that he is not studying from any reputed college it is just a simple private engineering college in Haryana and he is getting scholarship.

I think that is good.

The reason is simple, he did not get admission in IIT's not even in NIT's but still he is upgrading education for getting better opportunity in future.

Is there anything would you like to know regarding MTech admission through GATE?