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SSC GD Constable Admit Card 2015 Download Here- GD PST PET

SSC GD Constable Admit Card 2015 Download Here- GD PST PET, Hello my dear friends its time to download admit card that's why you can sit in the examinations, I am going to share with you official website for downloading admit card, that's why you can download the admit card and you are going to sit in the examination, I know there are lot of effort you have putted for preparation for this examinations, yes I am sure you will have best time during the examination period, I will suggest you to be cool and confident that you can crack the exam, of course if you have prepared well for the exam then you can crack it, there are few reasons behind of this like, few I have identified-

  1. Number of vacancies
  2. Only 20% students prepared well
  3. Examination timing matter
  4. Way of preparation matter
And of course may be different reasons for the different person, but I found these are most important reason.

SSC GD Constable Admit Card 2015 Download Here-

Well, in this section I am going to share with you official websites for downloading admit card as well as steps for downloading-

  • New Delhi(NR)-
  • Allahabad(CR)-
  • Chennai(SR)-
  • Mumbai(WR)-
  • Kolkata(ER)-
  • Raipur(MPR)-
  • Bangalore(KKR)-
  • Chandigarh(NWR)-
  • Guwahati(NER)-
  • CRPF-
I hope you got the point well every website having different way to download the admit card but I found few things or I must say few steps for downloading admit card is very common like the steps I have shown below-

Steps for Downloading SSC Admit Card 2015 for GD PET PST-

Well, here are those simple and common steps-
  • First go to official website
  • Wait for a moment that's why the website will load completely
  • Now find out download column or admit card option on the website, it will take few seconds to find out
  • Then just make a click on there
  • Now you need to fill the required things there, in general they required your registration number or roll number or and date of birth
  • And most of the website ask to fill security that you are human not robot
I hope you like the steps.

Tips and Tricks for SSC GD PST and PET-

Well, just a few seconds ago I was coming on the stairs, there I meet with a guy who is getting very good healthy salary and more important he is working in school, I ask him what is biggest secret to crack any competitive examinations he told me only one thing, keep doing and keep improving he told me another thing that is only hard work and real pain from that work can succeed you, like I have seen many times inside the guy that no gain without pain, like the same.

You can also apply Newton's Third Law here.

I hope you find for what you are reading this article.

Is there anything you would like to know about SSC GD PST PET Admit Card 2015?

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How to Prepare for SSC CGL LDC DEO Exam

Well, I hope you are searching for preparation guide for SSC LDC (Lower Division Clerk), DEO (Data Entry Operator), I know why you are reading this article "How to Prepare for SSC LDC DEO Exam", there is one simple reason you wanted to get in to government job earlier may be just after 12th, well then let me tell you frankly its not easy but not difficult even, you can qualify but you need to do hard and work as well as you need to do study in a group, well I am going to share with you few tips and tricks that's why you can easily quality LDC, DEO like exam easily.

See, if you will think its not possible for you then it will never be possible for you, you have to be positive and keep doing hard work, that's why you can gain real confidence nothing else, see knowing anything is not going to help you at all, if you will not utilize what you know?

So, in our life utilization of knowing things is most important for getting success in anything, but sometimes you need to wait for getting result, so here are few tips and tricks those will definitely help you to get success in SSC-

Syllabus for SSC 2015-

Most of time I saw students read syllabus, when I was student, I was also use to read syllabus to stay up to date with my on going topics as well as my pace in the preparation, if you will be close to syllabus then it becomes easier for cracking the exam, which is really true and I do believe also.

I hope you like my point.

But, don't read syllabus from your phone or tab, get hard copy of it, because it would be much comfortable for you.

Way of Study-

See, no matter how much time you are studying every day, if you are not getting insight the topic then probably you are doing a BIG mistakes while preparing for competitive examinations like SSC, so be prepare for knowing the best way to study.

And I believe you can only come to know how to study much better way?

If you will be honest while preparing, you must not feel any kind of pressure while preparing any topic, if you will do so I hope you can not get the real concept of the topic.

Advice from SSC Cracker-

One of my known, his name is Sachin.

Just couple of days ago, I came to know that he has cleared SSC CGL and he is going to get post in audit and most probably he is going to get defence sector.

Well, by education he is an Engineer, but he is happy with it and I asked couple of questions about his preparation about CGL, well I did not ask him about LDC and DEO because he did not quality this exam but yes he did qualify CGL.

And that's another reputed exam of our country "India".

He told me that there are about 13 lacs candidates write the exam and there were about 13,000 posts and one more but important thing he told me that there are about half of the candidates got coaching for preparation.

Now may be you are thinking about the competition level right, then let me tell you frankly don't be a dark, in actual my friend "Sachin" did not get any coaching but he qualified the exam and with in few days he is going to join the job.

I hold him best of luck and good bye.

Well, the thing I came to know from him, I must share with you.

Here- he told me few things need to do for clearing this exams-

  1. Basics is important
  2. Telling others what you know already?
  3. English, Aptitude play important role
  4. These two are really scoring if you are good in these
  5. Practice and that's it.

Easy Notes-

This is my personal experience, I have qualified couple of exams and that's why I am writing this article and I know it will help you.

If you will make your own easy to remember notes then it becomes easier for keeping all things together in your mind every time.

Analysis of Previous Years Papers-

Analysing previous years papers will help you to know about pattern, your preparation, required hard work and many other things you will come to know.

But, don't solve previous year questions putting solve papers in front of you, it will not help you that much.

Rather, try solve questions by yourself, yes you can get help from text book and in this process you will come to know many more things about the topic.

Be Your Own-

Be your own means know all tips and tricks but you need to have your own strategy to crack the exam, because it will help you much better way to quality the exam.

Do Real Study-

Don't need to show others that you are studying, I have a friend who is living with me from last six months, who usually do study but I don't think so he is studying from his heart I think totally show off nothing else, as right now I am writing this article and he is also listen to me what I am writing?

May be it will help him to do real study.

I am suggesting no need show others that you are studying, if you don't want to study then just get fresh and again come back and start studying with full of concentration.

One of the best way to do it is, just put a ear cap, it will help you to keep away from external noise disturbance, I hope you got it, just implement for few days and I know you will get good result from it.

Never Solve Solved Questions-

Many students do solve questions, when they have a question with solution.

Just like one of my friend do it usually and result


So, from this experience I will say you, solve questions only and don't solve question if you have answer of that question just in front of you.

Be Cool and Confident-

Cool and confident will help you to be in real and those live in reality they always win and they never feel sorrow for anything because they knew what happened because of himself or herself only.

At the last this is my favourite saying because I like it-

Learn- Think- Implement- Enjoy

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

SSC LDC- Download SSC LDC Admit Card 2015

SSC LDC- Download SSC LDC Admit Card 2015- SSC is one of the grest way to get job just after 12th but you must fall in the category of their eligibility criteria, I must appreciate that you have filled the form and you are searching in the internet for getting your admit for LDC SSC Exam 2015, let me tell you frankly at your age I did not know about internet not even about LDC, that means you are ahead than me and I am here and sure you will have bright future ahead just be happy.

So, here I am going to share with you step by step guide to download admit card for LDC 2015-

Download SSC LDC Admit Card 2015-

First you need to choose your zone, because I don't know from which zone you are belong to, that's why I will suggest you to choose zone first then you need to apply almost same way to find out admit card from the website even it is simple-
  • North India----------------
  • South India----------------
  • East India------------------
  • West India----------------
I hope you have found your own desire zone to find out the admit card for LDC, here is the steps to follow to find out the admit, well every website having their different way to find out admit card, here is the way-
  • First log in to the website
  • Now find out notification or admit card related navigation there on the website
  • Now make a click on there
  • Now there will a form, which you need to fill correctly and then click on submit or download admit card button and you have done.
  • That's it.

Tips and Tricks for SSC LDC 2015-

Well, I am going to write details guide for all SSC exams that's why it would be easier for you as well as others those wanted to get success in SSC just after 10th, 12th and may be after graduation. I haves simple moto that is to provide you best solution to get success through simple blog.

If you need any help regarding study or preparing for any exams then don't forget to ask me below through comments, I would be much happy to help and I am sure I can help you through my long time experience in academic field.

So, here are those evergreen tips and tricks for you-
  • Syllabus go through it
  • Make your own simple notes
  • Hardcore study required
  • Put concentration on weak zone
  • Do Group study with desire friends
  • Set target for every amazing day
  • Be happy
Please comment below, if you need any help regarding LDC 2015

Saturday, 28 March 2015

SSC CGL 2015- SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam Date

SSC CGL 2015- SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam Date- Staff selection commission has been notified about SSC CGL 2015 notifications for the exam but the exam date still yet to come but as expected date for exam I got from the website of SSC, as you know there different zones SSC having and most porbably examinations date may be vary from day to day for knowing the best and exact date for your exam, I will suggest you to see your admit card or you must refer SSC official website that

So, here is the answer of your questions-

SSC CGL 2015- SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Exam Date-

Most probably date of SSC examinations would be on 14th and 21 june.

Tips for SSC CGL 2015-

Actually, I am going to provide solution to all readers of this blog that for preparing SSC CGL 2015, just you need to stay tuned to this blog and I know you will do that because I am going to provide all information for free.

So, here are quick tips for you if you are curious about SSC CGL 2015-
  • Be confident and keep going
  • Improve Improve and Improve the only key to get success every time, every day and every moment
  • Practice, Practice and Practice, I know I am saying this terms three times because I mean it
  • Be your own and don't try to show that you are studying and working hard never never do that just keep doing hard work
  • Make your short notes
  • Keep everything in your mind for having this personality help needy friends
  • Revision is must
What you should do to get confident about SSC CGL-
May be you are thinking why I am saying this, actually there is big reason behind of this, there are students those prepare well but because of two things they can not perform very well in the examinations, I found there are only two big reasons and may be you are wondering to know two reasons, I hope so, so without much waiting let me tell you my dear two reasons-
  1. Over confident and
  2. Less confident
To beat both these BIG problems.

I have something for you.

Just you need to solve previous year question papers as much possible, because it will keep in confident in the examination time.

That's it from my side, I will recommend you to read one of my blog post which is about SSC CGL Tier2 Preparation Guide

Friday, 27 March 2015

Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015

Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015- SSC recently announced admit card 2015 for CGL Tier 2 exam, actually couple of days ago I have published a blog post for preparing SSC CGL Tier 2 Examinations, hope you have learn lot of things from that blog post and in this blog post I will share with you step by step guide for downloading admit card, if you are ever complete newbie to the internet world, I know it becomes really challenging for many to download admit card without proper guidance that's why SSC Admit come to into existence to help to get your admit card.

So, here is guide for you to get the admit card-

Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015-

Well, different regions having different website for downloading admit card that's why I have putted all those links to make it easier for you, I mean I have categorised for your easiness, so here are links for download admit card zone wise-

Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015 Eastern Region-
  • Just copy paste the below URL on your title bar
  • Now click on download admit card (This option you can see on the left side there first option is download admit card
  • After clicking there click on the first link which is for CGL tier 2 exam.
  • Then you will be ask to fill a form which is mandatory to download admit card
  • Put your roll number on the box then crack the security question which is just easy
  • Now the last option
  • Click on download the admit card, hopefully you get the admit card, I will suggest you to read few important tips and tricks for cracking the exams.
Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015 South Region-
  1. Just copy paste the given below link
  3. Now you need to fill the required form 
  4. Then click on the last option
  5. That is download duplicate AC
Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015 MP Region-
  • Just copy paste the below link
  • Now you need to fill the form
  • Filling form right way is the key for downloading admit card
  • Now download the admit card that's it by clicking on search
Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015 North Eastern Region (NER)-
  1. Just copy paste the given below website url on the header of your browser
  3. Now fill the form with reg no or roll no
  4. Then click on Submit
  5. Then you can see your admit card

Download SSC CGL Tier 2 Admit Card 2015 Exam Tips-

I hope you got your admit card, right well getting admit is the key for getting into the examinations but yes for getting job is the real objective

I hope you are agree with me.

Well, I am going to share with you few tips and tricks those really helpful for competitive exam aspirants.

  • Reach exam centre earlier to be a hassle free time
  • Have break fast or lunch but light
  • Get your pen, admit card and of course watch
  • Give your best in the exam for success
  • Revision with best your best way
  • No matter what will happen just give your 100%
Success is waiting for you dear.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification- IB (Intelligence Bureau) has been notified that they are going to conduct examinations for 2014 notification for the post of ACIO as they have open vacancies.

Now, I hope you are looking for the exam date as well as admit card.

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date-

IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date is 22nd of February 2015.

I hope you got message also about this notification on your mobile, if you have not checked then check it out you will find out the real information about it.

I hope they also notifies through e-mail, that's why every body those have applied for IB ACIO post can come to know about the exam.

Download IB ACIO 2014 Admit Card- 2015 Exam-

Here I am going to share with you steps for downloading admit card from the website-
  • Go to
  • Then Put registration number and password and then log in, after this you will see like this as I have given below the screen shot.
IB ACIO 2015 Exam Date- IB Exam Date for 2014 Notification
After clicking there you can see your admit card as well as you can see there exam center also.

Forgot Registration and Password "IB ACIO Admit Card"-

If you are forgot your registration number and may be password then I have full proof method to find out.

Here, is the step to follow, first go to your e-mail account which account you used to filled the application form, then just search there "MHA", then you can easily find out there your registration number and password.

If you could not then what next?

Even then I have very good way for you to find out, here is that-
  • Click on forgot Registration No/ password
  • you will be move to another page
  • put there all necessary requirement then you can find out your registration number as well as password also, just write these down on your note book and go to the website again and download the admit card.
Thanks for reading, comment below? for more help.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 2014

SSC CGL Tier 2 Examination preparation guide is really important, well very soon SSC is going to announce result for CGL tier 1 2014, so there is rush hour going on students about SSC tier 1 result as well as what to do next for getting selected?

As may be you know about the examination patter, examination pattern will be objective type, but there would be questions from your own choose post, here is the exam patter given below-

Paper 1           100 Questions   2 Hours 200 Marks

Paper 2           100 Questions    2 Hours 200 Marks

Paper 3           100 Questions    2 Hours 200 Marks

Well, I hope you know about it previously.

Well, now the real tips and tricks I am going to tell you, which is really going to help you a lot for getting good marks in tier 2 examination.

I wish you want to clear the exam and want to give your best ever performance in the examinations then I am here to you help you further.

If you don't want to clear the exam then please don't read further.

Here are those tips and tricks, actually I have categorized into ten tips and tricks-

Need to Study Syllabus Properly-

Studying syllabus is important to get rid of the examination and yes you don't need to study beyond syllabus, because not needed.

Right now, your interested should be to clear the exam nothing else, put your own interest for studying your exam.

Understand the Exam Pattern-

See, studying blindly is not going to help you at all, so you need to understand the exam pattern and also you need to do analysis for previous year question paper.

This is going to help you to know, where to put more time and where to put less time.

Make Short Notes for Quick Revision-

Short notes are working like an arrow, you just need to make your own short notes, basically notes is for quick revision and to keep all things together each and every time on your mind.

Make a Separate Notes "Which You Usually Forget"-

Few things those we usually forget, if you want to get rid of it then you need to create separate notes that's why you can do revision quickly as well as very short span of time.

Which is going to help you not to repeat mistakes

Make a Proper Plan to Follow the Path-

Planning is important, that's why there are all business people do planning, but only planning and dreaming is not going to help you in real.

You need to go through as per your plan for getting benefits from it, otherwise it would be just wastage of time nothing else.

Study With Proper Concentration is Important-

See, showing others that you are studying is not going to help rather study with proper concentration for short span time, if you will start increasing your time then it would be easier for you to increase your sitting time for study within few weeks.

Do Group Study With Sincere Aspirants-

Few, topics are really important to discuss those are conceptual as well as understanding and also those topics are difficult to remember like dates, time as well as formulas. 

But, be careful while choosing group for study.

Solve More MCQ's After Clearing Basic Concepts-

Multiple Choice Questions create problems for many because this type of pattern is not like any university examinations.

You need to be habituate of solving multiple choice questions.

Solve Previous Year Questions-

Previous year papers are keys for many, I have very good effective idea for you to know your preparation.

When you feel that you have prepare well, in that time just make an environment like exam and then start solving questions then you will come to know about your ability to solve questions.

Talk to Person Who Already Qualify SSC CGL-

Talking to expert, is really play important role to succeed in life that's why all companies like as well as looking for experience person for that they also pay very good package.

If you are getting coaching from some where then you need to talk your teachers for tips and tricks which will help you as well as don't forget to ask them their story it will inspire you for study long time.

See, these tips and tricks are going to help you to improve your efficiency, but real study as well as strategies should be your's there is simple reason, this blog post has been reading by thousand so if all of them will do the same then it will become more competitive.

So, follow these tips and tricks but should be a real hard worker.

Is there anything you would like to know for preparing SSC CGL Tier 2 2014?